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Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes

Our latest window with Barneys New York was called “Twinkle Toes”. We finished it just in time for fashion week. Featuring two pairs of robotic legs dancing together. The curtains opened and closed to display them wearing mens and womens shoes in front of a clips of automation machinery. A movie of them in action […]

Patterned by Nature
Patterned by Nature

This piece was a collaboration between many many people. I will copy and paste at the bottom all of the amazing people who were behind this masterpiece. < br/> Patten Studio did the hardware design and some of the software. Basically this is 17 different panels that make the whole curve and each of these […]

Barneys Windows – Christian Louboutin
Barneys Windows - Christian Louboutin

Video by Michelle Chu This was the first project I worked on with James. For three of the windows at Barneys New York. One window featured a rather haunted room set from a photograph, in which we placed linear actuators inside the drawers and the door to open and close on their own. The second […]

Art Meets Fashion
Art Meets Fashion

We had the pleasure of doing these windows for Barneys with the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art. They turned out really beautifully ( in my incredibly biased opinion ). The first window featured drawings by Marc Jacobs etched on to metal plates. Each weighed about 30 lbs so we had to design a very stable […]

CNC Arch – Digital Tracery
CNC Arch - Digital Tracery

The fabulous Adam Elstein ( took some amazing photos of the work while it was still in the gallery.  

CNC Arch – Final Boards
CNC Arch - Final Boards

For the final show we just put up a couple explanatory panels, how it was made, the 4 parts, the cnc layout and snapshots of the construction. It was surprisingly quick to put up, only a couple days and still light enough for a few guys to pick up and move around.

Installation – Draft
Installation - Draft

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