LaurAwesome Searching for the perfect screwdriver…

Day 1…sort of

A harrowing journey across the globe has finally found me in Rome. After flying for 8 hours to Deathrow Heathrow where the 3 hour layover I was supposed to have suddenly became just enough time to get a coffee and on the next plane (thanks airport security, you rock), then I was off to Rome. Where I realized, I don’t speak Italian and don’t have any clue where to go or how to get a place to stay tonight. Determined not to be a total tourist (dragging a 23 kg suitcase and a big backpack) I tried to look as natural as possible and like I had a clue of where I was going, I picked the direction that had more lights and walked until I finally recognized a word “Internet” struggling to tell the guy that I needed to use the computer got through and booked a hotel which looked near by where I thought I was and more importantly had wifi!

Gathered my stuff and started walking  and actually found the hotel less than two blocks away. Once I was safely signed in and on the internet again I decided to be adventurous and find some shampoo, essential after a solid day of travel. Figuring the Farmacia I had seen across the street would be a safe bet I went in, only to wander stupidly around the story like a child; unsure what anything was and nothing looking like shampoo. Luckily a grocery was next door.

Tomorrow: how to get to school?