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Floating Village

All 4o of us piled onto this rickety flat bottomed boat, some of us sitting on the roof to fit we started off down the river to the lake with the floating village.  The edges of the river were lined with boats, schools (including a gym), churches even little stores all floating. As we made it out to the lake and went around the village our boat suddenly stopped. Without a word the driver took off his shirt and jumped into the crocodile infested water leaving the toyota car steering wheel. During this time villagers came up to the boat to sell us drinks and bananas. These were not as impressive as the little girls who jumped onto our moving boat while carrying a tray of cans and could even scramble up to the roof from the side of the boat while carrying said tray.

However, 10 minutes or so passed after the driver had jumped off and out of nowhere he pops back up and starts the boat as though nothing had happened, slightly dripping.  We made our trip back with more people on the roof which became a little bit of an issue as we realized just how much we were leaning either way if anyone moved.

Getting off the boat we were greeted with souvenir plates with our faces on them, unbeknownst to us a little girl had taken pictures of us as we got on to the boat.