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I went to Belgium

While I sort out the mess that is changing servers for my website, I offer a few pictures that are of my recent trip. Not nearly as well documented as say my thousands of pictures of Rome, however it was only 10 days and somewhat of a vacation.

First I got into my invisible plane and jetted across a vast body of water. Straight after parking in what may be known to some as an airport…I.. oh heck, lugged my suitcase filled with not the most practical footwear for cold snowy climate off the plane and immediately went to Sint Niklaas to drop off most of my stuff. After only about an hour there I grabbed the essentials, stuffed them in my computer bag and headed to Amsterdam. Where I learned heels, while great on ice, tend to slip a bit more in the slush especially with my balance thrown off by a very heavy bag. This struggle is what keeps me fit, that and carrying around lots of clothes when I go shopping, it’s my equivalent to weight lifting and going on treadmills.

Anyways, why am I talking about Amsterdam, I didn’t take any pictures while I was there. Or even in Delft, ok one quick snapshot with my camera phone of the Dutch ice skating on a make-shift ice rink of a frozen pond on the TU Delft campus as seen here ( that was irresistible.

After those days I got to slow down a bit and just take a day back in Sint Niklaas exploring. It’s a small town… really small.. I got lost, then realized I was no more than a few hundred meters from the train station. It was charming, that’s what people say about small things.

That weekend I went to a conference in Maastricht on the importance of interdisciplinary studies. ┬áSome of it was really interesting, some of it was well… not, as it sometimes seems to be with the mixed bag of conferences. Some of it I learned that I’ll need grey hair for people to listen to my opinions. I still met some interesting people and escaped briefly to get a glance of the student life and met some people from Brooklyn, who had even lived in my neighbourhood!

After that weekend I spent one of my last days wandering around Gent. I got properly lost, or rather if I had cared where I was going or had anywhere to be, it would have been defined as lost. Instead I call it exploring.

Until my next adventure…