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Finally figured out how not to get lost, I don’t try to get anywhere. I have been wandering the streets of Rome, every day a new direction, a different side street. I don’t know the names of anything and could probably never find the same things again. If the cars weren’t here I feel as […]

New Home
New Home

I found a new place to live! Other classmates of mine had space and said I could move in with them. So long couch! It’s a bit further away from studio but there is a cute little restaurant to the right of it that makes the most amazing bruschetta and a pizza place down the […]

Day 2: Bus Adventure
Day 2: Bus Adventure

  After a great night of rest I made my way to the school. Some quick directions from the hotel concierge who told me to take bus H saw me treking through the train station again with my absurdly heavy suitcase to a bus stop that was “Just around the corner.” Following the signs that […]

Day 1…sort of
Day 1...sort of

A harrowing journey across the globe has finally found me in Rome. After flying for 8 hours to Deathrow Heathrow where the 3 hour layover I was supposed to have suddenly became just enough time to get a coffee and on the next plane (thanks airport security, you rock), then I was off to Rome. […]

Installation – Draft
Installation - Draft

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Vietnam: Scooters, Trains, Boats

Oh the stories I don’t even know where to begin Landing in HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) I don’t think it really hit us until we were walking from one hotel to the other… We couldn’t figure out how to cross the street. The locals seemed to access some sort of inner zen and step […]

Holiday in Cambodia

After a thunderstorm we rented bikes and started touring around the city. We headed out into the farm areas, biking through rice paddies to the “lovers lane” of cambodian restaurants. There we ate 50 feet over the fields that fill with water in the wet season practically up to the floor. We tried lots of […]

Floating Village

All 4o of us piled onto this rickety flat bottomed boat, some of us sitting on the roof to fit we started off down the river to the lake with the floating village.  The edges of the river were lined with boats, schools (including a gym), churches even little stores all floating. As we made […]

Biking Angkor Wat

Sunrise at  Angkor Wat. It was early. But we went back and rented bicycles. Then biked around the temples for the rest of the day. Much better than by bus. Pat found a stand that sold snails and bravely decided to try them out and convinced the rest of us to pick the snails out […]

Cambodia – Temples

Our first day in Cambodia we went to explore the temples. It was all arranged with a guide which means – ok here’s a temple *look – pictures* ok get back on the bus- Nonetheless the temples were amazing, two of which were used in Lara Croft tomb raider. Running around like you’re in the […]