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Vietnam: Scooters, Trains, Boats

Oh the stories I don’t even know where to begin

Landing in HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) I don’t think it really hit us until we were walking from one hotel to the other… We couldn’t figure out how to cross the street. The locals seemed to access some sort of inner zen and step into the traffic like a leap of faith. Our darting out when we thought we saw a gap only brought us closer to death as scooters swerved to miss us and finding out that buses don’t even slow down. By the time we got on the train to Da Nang we had mastered the zen of street crossing.

The train brought us more adventure as we took over a car and were trying to get pictures of the flood plains and the mountains only to find the people on the train quite angrily telling us to close the windows because the mountain people throw gasoline into the windows of the train as a past time, or as best as we could figure out what they were saying. Our translator’s  Vietnamese did not seem to  get us very far since in the hotel when trying to find out if our laundry was done the maids produced condoms and no word on the status of our clothes.

He did however manage a trip for us to Halong Bay, a complete disconnect from the rest society. On a three story yacht…. Really getting down to earth.. Among Jurassic park settings , college kids jumping off the top of the boat blasting “I’m on a boat”

I won’t get  too far into the adventures of Hanoi… readers digest version…  Vietnamese mafia, a millionaire – and a girl from the midwest  who doesn’t normally drink doing shots with a 2 star VC General and her classmates.